How To Recognize and Stop Cyber Bullying | Corona, CA

When bullying moves from the playground to online spaces, that is when it becomes cyberbullying. Bullying via cell phones, computers, or gaming means that negative, harmful, false, or mean comments are being expressed. It can include making someone feel embarrassed, or humiliated, or sharing their private information.

The most common places where cyberbullying occurs are on social media platforms, text or messaging apps, instant messages, email, and gaming forums. Bullying via these means leaves a record of comments shared, is harder for teachers to recognize, and can scar one’s reputation.

Cyberbullying has the same consequences as bullying that happens in person. It can make targets feel awful about him or themselves, scared, or embarrassed, and often don’t think their stories won’t be believed. If your son or daughter is the victim of bullying and comes to you with their stories, thoughts or questions, it’s important to make them feel heard and help them identify hateful comments online.

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