Bethany Mota: “How I Overcame Bullying”

At age 19, Bethany Mota has become a lasting YouTube sensation, with over 7 million subscribers, a clothing line, and a current spot on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, this young star has built herself a legacy in a short amount of time. On a previously aired episode of Dancing with the Stars, Mota dedicated a dance to her years of being bullied and a whole new side to the youtube superstar revealed itself as inspirational.

Despite all of her newfound fame, Mota doesn’t forget about the past torment she endured growing up. She comes from a small town in Moreno, California and from the get go was deemed as shy as could be. In eighth grade, shortly after her parents encouraged her to begin public school, Mota began her battle with bullies. Crowded with the stress and anxiety of it all, she quit dancing and acting lessons. Growing up that shy didn’t leave Mota space for a ton of friends, and her parents did all they could to channel her shyness into a positive form of life.

She began homeschooling and found comfort in front of the camera sharing what she loved: Fashion and Makeup. As Bethany began making more and more videos, her channel progressed and she currently holds one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world. Serving as a role model and inspiration to young girls everywhere, her videos focus on self-love and individuality. In the spring, summer, and fall of 2014, Mota released a clothing line debuting at Aeropostale.

Glitz and Glam aside, Miss Bethany Mota has done a world of things for individuals being bullied out there. Like stated previously, she dedicated a dance to her bullied days; a rumba that truly sparked an imaginative and inspirational take on how everything gets better. How you can build an empire around your dreams and strive to be successful despite what bullies think of you.

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