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School Programs - Pass It On

Program Objectives:

All children have needs to both receive kindness and to give kindness; to be noticed and to recognize others; to be appreciated and to appreciate others. Opportunities to act kindly are opportunities to meet each of these needs. Reaching out to others reaches within to heal. Take proactive steps within the classroom to encourage positive change for students, their classroom, school, community and society at large.

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Programs Details
WHAT: Pass It On involves designating one week with an emphasis on kindness. It includes a pocket folder, smile face stickers, kindness reminder bracelets, and "warm fuzzy" trading cards.

WHEN: Emphasize kindness anytime. The S.A.C.K. Foundation encourages you to highlight the week surrounding World Kindness Day on November 13th. Participate with hundreds of schools generating millions of acts of kindness around our nation that week. (If this is not a convenient time, you make choose to have this week anytime during the school year.)

HOW: Simply order your S.A.C.K. Classroom Kit for this week-long program.

What You Get

Pocket Folders:
Each child receives a Simple Acts of Care and Kindness (S.A.C.K.) pocket folder. The folders highlight 12 acts of care and kindness.
(1 per student)

Smiley Face Stickers:
The back of the folder has a "Week of Kindness" challenge for students to complete one act of kindness each day. Every time students share with the class about an act of care and kindness, they are rewarded with a "smiley face" sticker for the back of their folder.
(1 sheet per student)

Kindness Reminder Bracelets:
Once all 7 stickers complete the back of the folder, the child receives a kindness bracelet.
(1 per student)

"Warm Fuzzy" Trading Cards:
Each child will receive a sheet of 12 "Warm Fuzzy" S.A.C.K. Trading Cards as an encouragement to recognize an act of kindness related to one of the cards, and pass the card on to that person. These cards will pass from person to person, from classroom to classroom, to family and friends throughout the community.
(1 sheet per student)