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School Programs - Kindness Kid Of The Month

Program Objectives:

The "Kindness Kid of the Month" program is designed to honor and recognize students exhibiting acts of care and kindness, with the goal of promoting an overall positive school environment.

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Programs Details
Kindness Kid of the Month honors one student a month in each classroom. Students are selected for exhibiting acts of care and kindness. They will receive a certificate and a registration card for the S.A.C.K. Foundation. Students who register will receive a quarterly Kids Club Newsletter, which has more ideas on how they can continue their acts of care and kindness.

What You Get

Certificates for the teachers and support staff to reinforce student's caring and kind behavior.
(9 per teacher, 1 for ea. month of the school year)

Registration Form:
Registration Forms for classroom to sign up to receive the Kids Club Newsletter.
(Included with the certificates)